Tang Wei Martial Arts Association, the official organization teaching the revolutionary Tang Wei Martial Method (TWMM)!

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Tang Wei Martial Arts Association  (TWMAA) is the association of professional combative instructors behind the development of the Tang Wei Martial Method.  Between the senior members of the association alone students enjoy the fruits of over 100 years of cumulative experience instructing in and utilizing the combative arts on a professional basis.

The TWMAA is headed by Grand Master Tom Garriga and the 5th Step Board of Senior Instructors.  Grand Master Tom Garriga has been teaching the Tang Wei Martial Method since the 1980s training thousands of students and numerous instructors who have taught in their localities in small groups for years.

In recent years, many instructors who have remained active in training, upon Tom Garriga’s and the Tang Wei Senior Instructors invitation joined the Tang Wei Association in an effort to offer the Tang Wei System on a broader basis.

The TWMAA is centered in the Western United States with hubs in Salt Lake City, Utah and the San Juan Islands of Washington.  The Association is extending further and further on a national and international basis as more of the long time Tang Wei practitioners join the Association and form training groups in their locations.  Instructors in the association periodically return to maintain their training with Tom Garriga and the Senior Tang Wei Instructors to ensure the quality and validity of what each Tang Wei Training Group teaches.

The Association offers rapid progress through regular classes and instruction with training groups and studios operating in the western united states. The Association also offers a progressive series of Rapid Skill Building Seminars for those who have to travel to train.  Check the News and Articles for announcements of events relating to active training groups, studios and seminars coming up in 2018.

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